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Where We Work

Understanding the spaces where we work tells you a lot about what we do and what we value.

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Where We Work

Our Clinics

We have two facilities in the Chicago area where you will receive the same high quality of care and commitment to personalized services. We have custom-designed rooms dedicated to specific tasks and purposes. Our Crestwood location is our largest facility and our main operating hub. 

Where We Work - Our Crestwood location

How We Design Our Clinics

We design our clinics to be an ideal environment for assessment, skill acquisition, and behavior reduction. In creating this contrived environment, we limit extraneous outside variables, and pinpoint conditions that produce and perpetuate behavior. These controlled environments also allow us to isolate specific variables that maintain behavior and keep our sessions focused on the goals and objectives specific to the treatment plan. 

Therapy Rooms

Sessions take place in our therapy rooms, which are equipped with  two-way mirrors. Parents can observe sessions between the clinical technician and their child, while maintaining a clinical distance and limiting the possibility of interactions. This observation process functions in three ways: 1) it provides the parent with a unique insight into their child’s behavior when interacting with others, 2) it enables BCBA’s to narrate and explain the therapy process as it takes place, and 3) it allows for parents to complete tasks and goals while receiving direct feedback within the clinical setting.

Where We Work - Therapist and client working at a table
Where We Work - Kitchen with cabinets, sink, appliances


Our kitchen offers a space for our clients to practice the self-directed skills necessary to develop independent behaviors in their natural environments. Using kitchen equipment such as sinks, microwave ovens, hotplates, and toaster ovens, we teach our clients how to use common household appliances and to create habits for self-directed skills.

Assessment Intake Room

We conduct all assessments at our clinic. In this controlled environment, we are able to gauge your child’s current skillsets and determine a treatment plan that will most effectively lead to independence.

Where We Work - Intake - Therapist working with client
Where We Work - Literacy Center - Instructor teaching children

Literacy Center

 In the literacy center, our programming teaches skills such as maintaining focus and attention, staying seated, and taking turns. These sessions are conducted 1:1 within a group setting. In this environment, our aim is to cultivate and hone those skills that will enable our clients to thrive in community settings, such as classrooms and libraries.

Mock Apartment

This room is designed with independent living in mind. It is expected that all individuals participating in this area develop skills under stimulus control of the environment which include, making the bed, waking up simulation, leisure activities, cleaning, and more.

Where We Work - Mock Apartment Furniture
Where We Work - Playground - Children on a slide


Our playground features two separate areas for our clients to interact with their peers and practice their motor skills while receiving 1:1 treatment services. During these sessions, clients learn routines pertaining to playground etiquette, transitioning to and from activities and equipment, turn-taking, and social interactions with peers.


Our spring and summer garden offers an opportunity for clients of all ages to practice horticulture and enjoy the outdoors while working on both gross and fine motor skills.

Where We Work - Garden - Yellow flower

Services Offered At Our Clinics

Play Skills

Feeding Training

Language Development

Behavior Reduction

Parent Training and Observation

Toilet Training

IEP Revisions and Consultation

Individualized Goals for Skill Acquisition

Individualized Goals for Independent Living Skills


12745 Central Ave Crestwood, IL 60418


2455 North Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614

Where We Work

ABA In Your Home

In-home sessions are a unique opportunity to work with our clients in their everyday environment.

ABA in your home is especially useful when working with children who are exhibiting challenging behaviors. In contrast to the controlled clinic environment, in-home sessions give us unique insight into how everyday elements of the home and family interactions influence behavior. We begin by observing our clients as they interact with family members and the home space and then move on to assessing the functions (conditions and causes) for any challenging behaviors we might see. With the full participation of the family, we help our clients integrate program goals and objectives into your family’s day to day routine.

In-home therapy can include: improving language and communication, toilet training, meal time behavior, independent living skills, leisure skills, and working on social skills with peers and siblings. We will work with you to determine the best and most appropriate program goals for your child and your family.

Services Offered In-Home

Behavior Reduction

Parent Training

Community Skills

Independent Living Skills

Language Skills

Social Skills

Peer and Sibling Interaction

Meal Time Behavior

Toilet Training

Morning and Night Routine

ABA in Your School District

B.E.T.H. Services has several years of experience helping schools and their students to develop plans that best fit the needs of students in their learning environment.

Where We Work - School District - School Classroom with Blackboard, Desks, and Chairs

What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with B.E.T.H. means having a team that is dedicated to helping you make a positive and lasting change. Read what our clients have to say about their experience.

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