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B.E.T.H. Testimonials

We are proud of our service record. Learn first hand from our clients, past and present, about how we can help you and your family achieve lasting change.

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In Their Own Words

Hear what clients and their families have to say about working with B.E.T.H.!

Michelle L.

“They aren’t afraid to tackle any issue my child has. They are flexible with their schedule. Staff is amazing, everyone is so caring and dedicated.”

Sharon W.

“Nathaniel was diagnosed and we didn’t know a lot of what to do or what his future would be like. We struggled getting his haircuts and would end up with all of us in tears. Thanks to all of these amazing therapists we don’t struggle with it. They taught us how to handle it.”

Catherine G.

I now feel there is more hope for the future. I do not know what the future holds, but I know that no matter what that is, B.E.T.H. will be there to help us transition to the next thing.

Beth has been what I have needed all along to finally be able to not be afraid, to be able to breathe, to have someone to lean on and tap out to, that understands what my child and what I am going through and able to give proactive resources to make it better for everyone. You may not even know you need it yet, but B.E.T.H. will show you what the possibilities for hope are, and you will be able to achieve those goals that you had long ago.

Other places seemed like an assembly line, training my child to be a puppet or like a dog. goals were super easy to meet and then they felt great about their accomplishments. However, it was all superficial. B.E.T.H. makes real goals and hard goals for my child to strive towards. We are meeting those goals now and this is the true accomplishment. The other places did not take an interest in my child or my family and the entire big picture. B.E.T.H. does that.


“This has been an amazing experience for our daughter and our family. She has really progressed in the time she has been with B.E.T.H.”


B.E.T.H. gave us a sense of hope about the future.”

Suzanne S.

“A great deal of the incredible progress that my daughter has made is the direct result of the support we received from B.E.T.H. Services – allowing us to turn the impossible into real accomplishments. In addition to focused therapy for my daughter, B.E.T.H. gave me, as a parent, the tools needed to help us reach our goals. They were by my side every step of the way, helping me navigate the school system, creating a custom, data-driven plan that allowed my daughter to successfully transition from daily meltdowns, struggling in special education classes to succeeding in general education without an aide, building confidence through accomplishment. I will be forever grateful to this dedicated team of knowledgeable, caring professionals, patient beyond understanding, who consistently bring about meaningful change to the lives of special children of all walks of life.”


“I decided to give BETH a try and that was the best decision I could have ever made for my son. He is now 12 years old and I do not know where we would be today had I not given BETH a try. BETH not only helped our son, but they helped teach our family ways to respond/react…or not react…in certain situations.”


“BETH Services has restored my faith in ABA. Prior to learning about BETH, we had quit ABA services with a large, national ABA chain. It started out fine, but we soon became dissatisfied with the constant turnover of inexperienced therapists working with our child. We felt like we were just another number and didn’t feel that they truly listened or wanted our input into our child’s therapy. We were skeptical when we first learned about BETH but after speaking with Arthur, decided to give ABA one last chance. In our experience, BETH values the parents input and truly cares about their clients. It’s not just a business for them, and they interact with our daughter in a respectful way. We have had the same amazing therapist and BCBA for about 3 years now and it is wonderful for my daughter as they have been able to build a solid, trusting relationship. Our therapists came to us fully trained and able to handle any situation, including intense behaviors, with a calm, caring presence. Our daughter has made progress in many areas and they have gone above and beyond, especially during the COVID pandemic.”

Steve S.

“BETH is the brainchild of an individual who would likely sacrifice his left arm if he believed it would help your child. [Compared to other ABA providers] BETH is far more personal with attention paid to all family members and their needs. We have been through several services including the public and private school systems.  None have provided the personal attention that we have received with BETH.

BETH has been with our daughter for many years working towards a time when she can at least be partially independent. They are constantly adapting to her needs and making modifications to her treatment plan with a goal of making her as independent as possible. BETH provided instruction on how to address our child’s behavior.  They also provided instruction to the rest of the family on how to avoid triggers that put our daughter into crisis.
BETH has helped on numerous occasions when our daughter became uncontrolled posing a danger to herself and others in the family.  It did not matter the time of day or night.  They provide emergency relief 24/7.

The key to BETH is that they never accept what the client believes is his or her capabilities.  BETH is always pushing for more, never accepting less than full effort.
Be prepared.  BETH will hold both you and your child accountable for the effort you put in helping reach an ultimate goal.”


“My son was 3 when I knew something was wrong but did not want to accept it. At age 5, he was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum as well as having speech delay. Although he was keeping up academically, he was delayed in his social skills.

By 2nd grade, I was told about BETH Services from a friend. I decided to give BETH a try and that was the best decision I could have ever made for my son. He is now 12 years old and I do not know where we would be today had I not given BETH a try. BETH not only helped our son, but they helped teach our family ways to respond/react…or not react…in certain situations. My son has been in the IEP program for most of his school years and is now well on his way to becoming independent of not needing that anymore. Our goal is to have him completely independent by 8th grade. None of this would have been possible without all of the services provided by BETH.

BETH is extremely professional and wants only what is best for the child. Every child has different needs and BETH will create a program that is specific to that child’s needs. It is also very convenient that BETH will go to your house and provide services there so you do not have to drive and drop off your child at their center if you live too far away.

Please give BETH a try. It will only benefit your child, which is the most important thing that you can do for them. It may get worse before it gets better so do not give up because in the long run, this will be one of the best decisions that you could have ever made for your child.”


“We [have] overcome so many tasks with our son, from becoming more independent learning how to tie his shoes, make his bed, shower himself to tolerating his younger sister just talking. All those little things the everyday average person takes for granted. These were so challenging for us and our family life was a mess. He now has adapted to so many other situations that he can handle like going to the dentist, cooking his lunch while at school, making his bed and putting away his own laundry. Life skills. Long term skills that are of huge importance. We can be a family and do normal things without a melt down and it feels so good. Thanks to B.E.TH. Services we have a life and our son has a better future.

Try it—ABA has changed our life and if you’re looking to help your child in the best long term possible way, B.E.T.H. Is the way to go.”

John and Gina N.

“BETH has always taken ownership of our child’s progress in a way we have never seen before. We brought our son to BETH Services on the recommendation of a friend of ours who used their services. We have been with BETH Services for at least 6 years now. BETH has made an immeasurably positive impact on our family in several ways.

First, BETH’s approach to ABA therapy has proven to be practical, flexible and realistic. They never made false promises or suggested they could cure our son. Rather, they talked in a practical and positive way about working with our son to help him reach his full potential as an autistic child (now young man). From practical academics to basic life skills and more, BETH has worked hard to find ways to instruct our son that work for him. In other words, BETH does not have a program that they tried to fit our child into. Rather, they had the flexibility to design programs around our son and his unique needs. In our experience, many say they will do this but few ever do. BETH does this and it has benefited our son.

Second, BETH has taken ownership of our son’s development. We have had the concern before with prior therapists that time was simply being put in and programs were being followed regardless of the progress that occurred. With BETH we have found that they will suggest programming changes or make recommendations before we consider them. It was clear to us early on that BETH was as motivated as we were to improve our son’s ability to function and his life generally. We finally had a team behind us and that felt amazing!

Finally, BETH has simply gone above and beyond providing basic ABA therapy to our son. Our son is deathly afraid of doctors and needles after all the tests and blood work that he experienced as a toddler. When we needed blood work performed for our son BETH began to work with him to prepare him. Not only did they prepare him well they actually went to the lab with us to assist and provide our son with encouragement. The blood draw was successful and we could not have done it without BETH’s support. We have the luxury of knowing that BETH is without question the best place for our son. This feeling of confidence is not something we experienced prior to working with BETH Services.

No other provider works as hard to ensure the best outcome for your child or loved one. Trust BETH and listen to their recommendations. However, make your concerns and thoughts known because BETH will listen to you as well.”

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