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Strategic Transition Training

Prepare your family for independence after high school. B.E.T.H. can help you make the transition and thrive.

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Strategic Transition Training (S.T.T.)

A program for Adults and Young Adults with Disabilities

Our Strategic Transition Training (S.T.T.) program equips teens and young adults with the self-advocacy and self-sufficiency skills they need to gain independence and thrive. It focuses on what happens when high school is over and is tailored to the unique and individual needs of each of our candidates. The skills taught and practiced in our S.T.T. program foster independence and critical thinking. Our transition candidates learn to advocate for themselves and build their self-help skills. They learn to motivate themselves to change their own behavior and develop those specific skills that can bring about independence. With S.T.T., our goal is for every candidate to achieve independence in line with their same-age peers.

“What do I do?”

“How do I know to do it?”

By learning to ask themselves these two critical questions, our candidates take the first steps toward developing and sustaining independence. They focus both on the “how” to complete a task and, more importantly, the “why” and “when” a task needs to be completed in the first place.

The Training Modules

To ensure rigorous skill-development and behavior change, individuals participate in five major training modules. Each category focuses on a subset of skills required to achieve maximum independence and is uniquely tailored to the individual.

IEP Goals

We take an in-depth look at your academic career, and help you determine which elements of your education worked well for you and which did not.

By presenting familiar tasks and activities, we assess how you respond to the environment which has shaped your learning behaviors and expectations from the last 12 years.

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Strategic Transition Training - hand holding calculator ticker tape

B.E.T.H. Math

We help you learn how to budget and save for the things that you need and want.

Focuses on current needs of the candidate. We analyze the math you need, and the math you don’t, in your specific environment. This tells us what you need to learn to function independently.

Food Science & Food Prep

We teach you how to cook the things you like to eat, safely and independently.

By understanding what is healthy and unhealthy we learn how to make good choices for ourselves.

strategic transiton training - food prep - a shopping cart in the aisle of a grocery store
Strategic Transition Training - Students writing in notebooks

B.E.T.H. Writing

We help you hone your communication skills and refine your listening and interpretation skills. 

This course will allow candidates to critically analyze the print materials that are most relevant to them right now. By understanding and interpreting our written environment we can prepare to excel in a demanding world.

B.E.T.H. Living

Learn how to maintain a clean and healthy living space.

Focuses on combining all skills required by candidates throughout the day and teaching how to use them. We will focus on teaching how to operate in their current environment and make the necessary behavioral changes.
Strategic Transition Training - Doing Household Chores

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We offer Strategic Transition Training at our Crestwood facility.

We give an equal opportunity for each prospective candidate to be accepted into the training program. 

 To find out more call us at 708-722-BETH and say “S.T.T.


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Working with B.E.T.H. means having a team that is dedicated to helping you make a positive and lasting change. Read what our clients have to say about their experience.

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