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We customize our treatment to the specific needs of individual patients, based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis.

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Our Services

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is best known as an effective treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and individuals with developmental disabilities. But its evidence-based principles are effective for anyone and everyone who wants to change their behavior. 

Our Services

We meet every client where they are. Whether you have a child who struggles with toilet training or you are an adult who wants to start anew, B.E.T.H. can help.

ABA for Autism Spectrum

We work closely with you and your child to develop a treatment plan that focuses on reducing challenging behaviors and maximizing skill acquisition.

Strategic Transition Training

Our Strategic Transition Training (S.T.T.) program is designed for individuals ages 14 and higher. The skills taught and practiced in our unique program focus on independence and critical thinking.

Mental Health Counseling

Our counselors specialize in treatment for both you and your entire family. We work with you where you are and we understand that every situation is as unique as you are.

ABA for Your School

We work closely with public and private schools to perform student observations, conduct teacher trainings, and advise on student Individualized Education Plans (IEP).

What We Do

What Do ABA Services Look Like?

Every individual comes to us with a unique set of gifts, challenges, and circumstances. So, it makes sense that no two treatment plans are the same. That said, ABA is grounded in scientific principles and methodologies that are designed to provide the optimal conditions to observe, collect data, and assist in a systematic way.
Regardless of your diagnosis or the behavior you want to target, a B.E.T.H. Services treatment plan generally follows this process:

Learning About You

We start by getting to know you. Who are you; what makes you, you? What are your current skills? What is your baseline of productive behavior that we can build upon? Have you ever received services before, and did they work for you or your child? (no judgements, behavior change is hard) What is your current schedule and what dictates you or your family’s behavioral needs?

Formal Assessments

With the help of formal assessments, we set targeted goals and objectives to address behavior.

Personalized Treatment

We design a personalized treatment plan that details the necessary interventions to change behavior and acquire new skills.

Tracking Behavior

We establish a method for tracking that measures behavior and skill acquisition over time. This includes documenting a baseline of behavior that all future data can be measured against. We provide you with the tools necessary to continue this data collection process outside of session.

Ongoing Reevaluation

Throughout treatment, we continuously reevaluate the effectiveness of your treatment plan and the prescribed intervention by the B.E.T.H. Services team. We will update treatment options based on the results of current behaviors and changes in your environments.

Strategic Transition Training

S.T.T. equips young adults with the tools to master the self-help and advocacy skills required to navigate our ever-changing world.

A tutor instucting a student

Frequently Asked Questions

A behavioral assessment is a formal tool used to analyze an individual’s current skills and behavioral repertoires. They are also used to identify the pivotal skills and behaviors that will help the individual build a repertoire of self-advocacy, independence, productivity, and interpersonal relationships within their community. Developing these skills and behaviors is fundamental to creating a path toward both happiness and behavior change. At B.E.T.H., we consider assessments to be an important guide on the path to success. That said, our experience tells us that no path is the same and our treatment plans are always customized to meet your needs.

The assessments we use are determined by the targeted behavior and desired outcomes of new and existing skills. Based on your intake, we determine which assessments best suit you and your current behavioral outcomes. 

For individuals living with autism, we use two different behavior assessments to help determine the most appropriate skills to teach: the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS) and the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS).  

The ABLLS is a curriculum-based guide, which tracks an individual’s language and/or learning delays. This assessment helps us identify potential skills and deficits to create an individualized program for your child.

The AFLS is a guide that emerges out of protocols to assess functional, practical and essential skills for everyday life.  This allows us to identify and target skills that are needed for independent daily living, home and community participation, and to prepare the learner for school or vocational training. 

Before a client arrives, the therapist reviews data from past sessions and creates a detailed plan of goals and objectives based on the BCBA’s treatment plan for that current session. Once the client arrives, a session can last anywhere from 1 to 7 hours, depending on the client’s current status of behavior and prescribed behavioral script. The technician will spend time engaging and pairing with the client to establish a friendly and trusting relationship before transitioning into the therapeutic and learning activities. Parents are welcome to join the BCBA in observing the session through our one-way mirror; this is a useful way to gain insight into how and why a technician interacts with your child in the way that they do.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with B.E.T.H. means having a team that is dedicated to helping you make a positive and lasting change. Read what our clients have to say about their experience.

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We are excited to work with you and to be an integral part of your behavior team. We are firm believers in the efficacy of Applied Behavior Analysis to bring about lasting and sustainable change in behavior, and we are glad you have chosen B.E.T.H. to be your partner on that journey.

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